Community Support

The JMeter DSL project has a vibrant and active community that provides extensive support, on a best effort basis, to its users. Community support is primarily offered through the following channels:

The community is actively involved in proposing new improvements, answering questions, assisting in design decisions, and submitting pull requests. Together, we strive to enhance the capabilities and usability of JMeter DSL.

Enterprise Support by Abstracta

In addition to community support, Abstractaopen in new window offers enterprise-level support for JMeter DSL users. Abstracta is the main supporter of JMeter DSL development and provides specialized professional services to ensure the success of organizations using JMeter DSL. With Abstracta's enterprise support, you can accelerate your JMeter DSL implementation and have access to:

  • Dedicated support team : Get prompt answers and peace of mind from a dedicated support team with the expertise to help you resolve issues faster.
  • Customizations: Receive tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.
  • Consulting services: Access a team of experts to fine-tune your JMeter DSL usage, speed up implementation, work on your performance testing strategy and overall testing processes.

Abstracta is committed to helping organizations succeed with JMeter DSL by providing comprehensive support and specialized services tailored to your enterprise needs.

To explore Abstracta's enterprise support options or discuss your specific needs, please contact the Abstracta teamopen in new window.

Industry Support

JMeter DSL has received valuable support from industry-leading companies, contributing to the integration features and promoting the tool. We would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the following companies: