Simple JMeteropen in new window performance tests .Net API

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💙 Git, IDE & Programmers Friendly

Simple way of defining performance tests that takes advantage of IDEs autocompletion and inline documentation.

💪 JMeter ecosystem & community

Use the most popular performance tool and take advantage of the wide support of protocols and tools.

😎 Built-in features & extensibility

Built-in additional features which ease usage and using it in CI/CD pipelines.


Add the package to your project:

dotnet add package Abstracta.JmeterDsl --version 0.6

Create performance test:

using static Abstracta.JmeterDsl.JmeterDsl;

public class PerformanceTest
    public void LoadTest()
        var stats = TestPlan(
            ThreadGroup(2, 10,
        Assert.That(stats.Overall.SampleTimePercentile99, Is.LessThan(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5)));

Java 8+ is required for test plan execution.

Hereopen in new window is a sample project in case you want to start one from scratch.